Chinese to English email translation in Bangkok

A new client recently asked Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services to translate a series of corporate emails from Chinese to English in an ongoing project. His business was developing a new partnership with a company in China and, while the top-level conversation had been conducted in English, some of the more detailed information in the emails had been written in Mandarin, or copied and pasted directly from Chinese documents. As such, the client was seeking professional translation support to ensure that he fully grasped the details of the discussion.
The Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services team was delighted to be able to help. Not only did the client need a translation of the emails he has amassed thus far, but he also needed a translator who would continue to be available as and when further messages were received. We were delighted to be able to offer this level of continuity, ensuring him that the same translator would be available for the duration of his requirements.
Our Bangkok-based translator got to work immediately. The capital of Bangkok is home to oldest Chinese community in Thailand and our translator had grown up there speaking both Mandarin and English fluently. She made quick work of delivering a professional translation service for this client’s business emails.
The client was delighted with how quickly the job progressed, and with the standard of the translation. He was able to read through the content of the emails with confidence that he understood the minutiae of the partnership discussions and could then respond accordingly. Knowing that the same translator would be available to undertake further email translations as messages were received was also important to him. Another very happy Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services client!
If you have a document that needs translating, don’t put it off. Contact Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services today and our team of language professionals will ensure that your translation requirements are handled smoothly and effectively.

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