English to Thai Legal Translation

Legal translations require the highest level of translation ability and confidentiality. At Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services, we are adept at handling this type of responsibility, and thus we find that a number of legal firms regularly employ our translators to address their translation needs.

For example, the other day a client who has worked with us before got back in touch with a new document for translation into Thai. The client valued our requirement that all members of staff and freelancers who deal with client documents are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, legally binding them to confidentiality.
Jim (an account manager at Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services) got in touch with the client, thanking him for his new business and quickly returning a competitively priced quote for the translation.
With the client’s go-ahead, Jim selected a native speaking Thai translator who was experienced at providing legal translations for different clients. Jaruwan, the translator for this document, began work on the project, drawing on her experience to accurately translate the legal terminology.
Whilst Jaruwan was working on the document, the client enquired about Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services’ one-year guarantee, which Jim was happy to explain included a full refund or a new translation should the original translation be of insufficient standard.
However, in addition to employing only the best translators in the business, we also ask a second translator to proofread all completed translations, ensuring that flawless translations are returned to the client every time.  
The client received his translation by the requested deadline, and he thanked Jim for another quick and efficient translation.

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