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Launching a few years ago, logistics has gradually affirmed its great role for Thailand economy. With high profit up to billions of dollars per year, it is one of 12 industry sectors that are prioritized and supported by ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Moreover, Logistics is also an attractive business service for many domestic or international companies. A company which has a good logistic service will enable to save more transportation costs as well as reduce production costs, increase the competitiveness and maximize the profit. However, the increasing in customer demand along with your complex and volatile supply chain have made your internal logistics not be able to optimize logistic operations due to lack of global expertise, comprehensive global processes and modern technological processes. Therefore, you need to co-operate with a logistics management service providers which highly specialized in technology and in-depth knowledge.





Thai Translation Global, expertising in Logistics BPO services, has helped several large companies in Thailand to achieve excellent supply chains and brought innovation to the market. We provide them a package service basing on a comprehensive strategic plan in order to help minimize risk and maximize return on investment.

Our services include:

  1.   Custom procedure
  • Custom Declaration Procedure
  • Customs Inspection Process
  1. Rental office in Thailand

  • Office with full of furniture
  • Office Management
  1. Transportation

  • Containerization
  • Storage
  • Importing and Exporting Regulations


Benefits when using Thai Translation Global’ Logistics Outsourcing Services:


  • Outstanding services: Thai Translation Global has built a network of outstanding globalization solution services.
  • 24/7 service: Our staff is available 24/7 to ensure there is no delay in customer support
  • Advanced technical solutions: We provide A-Z technology packages for setting up systems, solutions, people …
  • Professional working environment: We invest and create a professional working environment that is motivated, friendly and helpful to our customers’ clients.

Therefore, you can be assured that Thai Translation Global’ Logistics Outsourcing Services will not only help you to grow the revenue significantly but also to generate new leads, answer your old customers as well as help customers to solve technical problems effectively and efficiently.

Contact Thai Translation immediately and experience the most professional Logistics Outsourcing Service ever!


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