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Office Rental Outsourcing service

Do you know that apart from employee payrolls, office rental cost is one of the largest fixed expenses every month? Besides that, why waste time and human resources in setting and maintaining an in-house real estate when there is outsourcing office rental service which can do the same tasks with better efficiency and for less money?



Outsourcing office rental is not strange in the current economy because of greater outcomes such as better customer or client experiences, superior company or department performance, greater efficiencies, and substantial cost reductions for organizations of all sizes. However, not all companies can find a suitable real estate provider satisfying the requirements: full facility, gold position, and great professionalism. On the side of FDI enterprises, young companies, start-ups, business teams or freelancers that don’t want to take the time and effort in office seeking, interior decorating, infrastructure purchasing or security setting, hiring a third-party which can solve all the tasks is necessary.

Catching the trend as well as understanding the need of customers, Expertrans Global provides the outsourcing office rental services. Thai Translation Global, a BPO company with more than 12 years of experiences, has completed lots of outsourcing office rental projects. We have established a strong estate distribution network with full information in order to meet the demand of the customers in a variety of outsourcing office rental.


Some kinds of outsourcing office rental services we offer:

  • Meeting place outsourcing
  • Virtual office outsourcing
  • Owning office outsourcing
  • Share office outsourcing
  • Fix office outsourcing

Always putting the satisfaction of clients at the heart of the business strategy, all staff of  Thai Translation Global seriously make effort in seeking professional providing estate company, reducing the risk at least for customers. Applying the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Thai Translation Global commits bringing the international standard services to clients.

Benefits when using our outsourcing rental services:

  • Saving time, cost, valuable resources
  • Applying the latest technology
  • Enjoying the round the clock support
  • Accessing the multi resources


Contact US now and enjoy the quality services!


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