The spread of English translation services in the Asia

English speaking countries are normally considered developed countries with strong economies and stable society. While in Asia, many countries in this region are still under-developed. To improve themselves, international cooperation is a must. That’s the reason for the spread of English translation services in the Asia. There are thousands of companies providing English translation services… Chi tiết »

English translation services in the United States of America

As the official language of the United States of America as well many other developed countries, English is considered one of the international languages that can bring different nations closer to each other. In the USA, there are various English translation services to help globalize the world’s economy. The USA is the melting spot which… Chi tiết »

Thai Translation promise about high quality of English translation services

Thai Translation is a “one-stop shop” for language translation and interpretation services. We offer translation services for scientific documents in 170 different languages but English translation services have always been a big part in our business. Therefore, we have set a strong promise about the high quality service that all customers are deserved. All of… Chi tiết »

High quality UK translation company

Thai Translation – UK translation company In UK, the number of translation companies is very high, including not only those established within the country but also branches of many international translation agencies. Thanks to the high educational level of this nation, every translation company that want to survive in this market need to meet very high… Chi tiết »

Language ranges in UK translation companies

The United Kingdom is always one of the best potential partners for any international cooperation, which attract individuals and organizations all over the world to establish relation with this region. As a tool to solve the problem of language differences, UK translation companies have adjusted its service lines day by day by adding more languages… Chi tiết »

Various services offered by a typical UK translation companies

Recognizing the important role of translation in the development of society, UK translation companies have improved themselves in terms of language ranges as well as services offered. There is a global network of freelance translators who are able to handle virtually any type of document. However, it seems that going to a good translation company… Chi tiết »

English translation service offered by a UK translation company

English has been considered one of the international languages, a bridge connecting different countries in the world. However, not everyone can understand this language. Therefore, English translation is always a hot service in the market. Actually, a common sense is that English translation service which is offered by a UK translation company seems to be… Chi tiết »

The leading Asian languages translation company in the UK

Despite being located mainly in Vietnam, with the help of modern communication technologies like Internet and telephone, Thai Translation has spreaded its business into the UK, becoming the leading Asian language translation company in this market. Having contacts with multilingual team based worldwide, Thai Translation is proud to have a large number of experienced, qualified… Chi tiết »