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It’s time of the year when we take stock of everything that has happened over the past 12 months and turn our attention to the year ahead. So, is anything new with translation industry in 2017? Let’s take a look at translation and localization trends in 2017 with Thai Translation. 

1. Video content translation

It is time for us – who are working in media and marketing industry, have to admit that 2017 will be a year of technology’s great progress. The content transmitted through video will be a new trend that marketing experts must focus on. In order to grab attention, media companies have been trying to bring the contents to be transmitted in the video in a more subtle way. According to a report from Statistic Brain, every minute will be several videos posted with the length of 300 hours; 4.95 billion videos viewed every day – not just be seen by thousands of people but billions of people. And there are 60% of people watch YouTube come from non-speaking English countries. It has led to a great demand of the viewers in the video translation and localization service in this year.



2. Application localization on mobile

As a trend, nowadays. many people choose to watch news over the phone, it means that in the process of looking for the customers, you can’t ignore the phone users, if not, you will miss a large amount of potential customers in the market. Phone optimization for global customers is a big question that the product or service suppliers are currently looking for an answer. Because of the surge in demand in searching information on phone, it will make the application localization service become a new breakthrough in 2017.



3. Machine translation

2017 will be the year that machine translation will have greater reach to the user. As of this moment, we can totally use the automatic translation application on the social network such as Facebook and somehow the machine translation can replace a part of the translator. However, for the long and difficult content, we still need the help of professional translators.



4. Multilingual Website

The rapid increasing in the use of Internet has opened a door for enterprises to access their partners and customers worldwide. However, in the process of globalization, businesses are also facing a “headache” issue because of the language barrier. A multilingual website, SEO is written in different languages can be an opportunity to help your business reaching more customers and increasing revenue faster.

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