How to learn communication English fast and efficiently

Whether you want to learn communication English quickly for business purposes or just for knowing a new language, you probably will not need to wait for months to be able to get to know, understand and speak a new language. However, the important thing here is that you need to spend a certain amount of time to learn. There are a multitude of different learning methods, but what is the method would be best suited to you and help you learn faster?

1. What is the fastest way to learn communication English?

What is the fastest way to learn communication English? Use the method “Deep in the language,” one of the learning methods has been proven to be the fastest one. Many teachers have used this method in teaching. It means that students have to speak everything in English in most of time in class.

However, there is a more efficient method is to “throw” students into a world of people who speak English, where they can learn a lot about everything such as the culture, cuisine, etc in English. It is a very quick and efficient way to learn English because the learners are surrounded by a language environment, they have no other way but to use this language to communicate with people around.

2, Use the software program and the Internet to learn faster

If you want to learn English in a short time, the software program and the Internet would be an effective tool for you. Some programs have a large number of games and learning support tools, which can help you to acquire knowledge quickly. You can learn more quickly with the help of tools available on the Internet or attending online classes, which gives you the experience with the language. In addition, writing e-mail in English to friends is also a good way to practice and grasp the knowledge.

3, Movies, books and other tools

Movies, books and a variety of other support tools also help you learn English quickly. Watching movies in English will give you the joy and excitement to the language. While listening to others speaking English you will improve your vocabulary yourself.

Reading books will help you practice reading skills, understand the vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure usage.

Whether you believe it or not, radio is a great tool for language learning. You can just listen to the English songs and learn lots of new words in these songs. It will help you to be able to improve your English vocabulary, at the same time, give you interest and relax in learning.

4, Self-study

Finally, the last but not least is the Self-study method.

Self-study method was divided into two different levels. At the first level – I call it self-review exercises. Every day you come to class for lecture, take notes, and then go home to do the exercises, review the books, finish the work which teachers assigned to you. Sometimes, it takes you a whole day to solve all your homework. It is very good. However, it is not enough. Sometimes you meet genius students. It seems like they have good knowledge on everything. You are surprised because of their superior knowledge. How can they be so incredible like that? You have learned all day while still be worse than them both in terms of knowledge and skills. In fact, they also have 24 hours a day as you do, the thing is that they take the initiative in learning, and therefore, they have both interest and performance. It is the second level, the most important one, it determines a lot to your knowledge, I call it self-discipline, or more accurately self-study.

Self-study gives you a lot of benefits:

  • A spirit of initiative in learning and even in your life
  • Ability to manage, solve problems
  • Ability to recognize problems
  • Ability of communication capabilities and methodologies for yourself
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Enhance your self conscious.

It is certain that no matter how good you are, we still need teachers. When student has received the knowledge himself, the role of the teacher (guiding, impacting, etc.) is indispensable. It works well for the improvement. The nature of self-study method is working on your own firstly, researching on literature review and discussing with friends under the guidance of the teacher. I would like to show you the great diagram below from an educational conference of the United Nations that I collected on the Internet:

Only listen to the lecture, remember 5% of what was heard

  • Read: 10%
  • Audio visual: 20%
  • Doing experiments: 30%
  • Group discussion: 50%
  • Do homework, write, practice: 75%
  • Teach other / immediate use of learning: 90%

As you can see, 50% or more is all your work. Do not blame why you attend the classes all the day but can not remember anything. If you are a genius enough to remember everything in the class, it is so good. But the probability that you are a genius is very small. Therefore, look at the statistics above. When self-study at home, you have been studied a lecture twice. The first time is on your own. The next time is the orthodox view of the teachers, you can compare and remember. And no matter if there is any mistake, I’m sure you’ll have learned a lot.

  • The excitement and passion
  • The ability to anticipate situations
  • Confidence
  • Extensive knowledge capital
  • The ability to have deep knowledge of a field
  • The dynamics
  • Challenge and struggle with yourself


And there are many other things that I have not listed.

Michael Doan – Thai Translation Marketing Manager
How to learn communication English fast and efficiently
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