Following the success of Conference on Language and Translation – Translator Day launched in December 2013, the Translator Day 2015 with the topic of ‘Translation and Interpretation – New opportunities and challenges’ is held on 28 November 2015 in Hanoi by Vietnam Association of Translation and Interpretation in collaboration with Asia-Pacific Association of Translation and Interpretation.

Translator Day 2015

It is a great event, attracting the involvement of Asia-Pacific Association of Translation and Interpretation, VATI members, professional translation companies, prestige translation centers nationwide, and multinational companies and groups. Translator Day 2015 offer a great opportunity to enterprises to successfully promote their brands, position their product and service quality as well as access to the leading translation organizations and enterprises in the country and the region to enhance the effective sharing, trade and cooperation.

Translator Day 2015 attracts many translators, domestically and internationally famous translation companies with in-depth presentations on Language and Translation. Additionally, Translator Day 2015 will allot most of the time to exchanging and sharing new opportunities and challenges to Translation and Interpretation industry and translation companies in the context of Vietnam’s current intensive and extensive integration.

Translator Day Ceremony is periodically launched every two years to create a truly flat world by helping people in the world remove language barriers, helping Vietnamese enterprises available at every corner in the world. With such significance, VATI would like to invite the concerned Companies and translators to sponsor the program.

Moreover, a limited number of tickets shall be sold to the interested companies and freelancers. The listed price is $22/ticket. Buying ticket before 22 November 2015, you will get a special discount (see more details at link: https://goo.gl/M4BrQT).


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It strongly believes that the true values will be offered to your future career – career of lovers and enthusiasts of translation industry.

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