Thai Translation taps into CRM and ERP


Thai Translation Global with CRM and ERP

Since August 2015, Thai Translation Global has used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as essential management tools. By devoting time and whole-hearted enthusiasm into researching and developing the two software solutions, Thai Translation’ Production Department and Organization Development Department successfully put them into operation, making full use of their functions.

Thanks to that, Thai Translation is proud to be the pioneer of Vietnamese language services companies to apply CRM and ERP in business administration.

Thai Translation khai thác tối đa sức mạnh CRM và ERP

Considering CRM and ERP as an integral part of our globalization-oriented business strategy, Thai Translation has gained remarkable achievements as follows:

• Expanding new channels between customers and enterprises

• Optimizing resources and the process of trading

• Standardizing human resources database

• Making prompter and more sensible decisions due to reports and real-time database

Why Thai Translation relies on CRM and ERP

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is known as “practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze the data of customers including potential customers and trading partners”. Attracting customers through three main channels including marketing, sales and customer care, the software collect database about potential and long-term customers, fostering customer relationships.


While CRM is considered a point of contact between customers and company’s staff including the board of directors, chief executive officers and sales-persons, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) sets up plans to manage company’s resources. Comparing to the adoption of each individual software, ERP offers the optimal attribute which is integrating software of accounting, human resources management, guaranty management and so on. In other words, ERP is the only multi-integrated software that allows overall management.

With the dramatic development of information technology, traditional management tools have gradually become outdated, showing disadvantages in the management of human resources and customer relationship. To fully address this problem, the application of CRM and ERP is the optimal choice. They are seen as the cutting-edge business administration solutions which are becoming trendy across the globe.  

In conclusion, CRM and ERP help to minimize time and cost needed in the management of enterprises while maximize productivity and performance. For example, adopting traditional management systems, managers wasted considerable time in compiling records and documents or even asking individuals and units for information about the productivity of an employee or the effectiveness interactions with a client. However, the adoption of ERP and CRM allows managers to get access to all information in just a few minutes.

ERP and CRM’s applications

CRM software have won popularity among the world’s leading firms such as Sony, Avon, Johnson Control, Yamaha,…In term of ERP, the software was first in use in the 1990s and now has been widely adopted worldwide, aiming to establish the processes of automatic management for better performance.

Nonetheless, CRM and ERP are relatively new to Vietnamese enterprises. Only a few modern and leading firms have started running CRM and ERP. This results from the low awareness of the importance of information technology or simply the lack of competence for employing technology. The reluctance to take advantage of information technology advances like CRM and ERP may prevent Vietnamese enterprises from global integration.

Thai Translation taps into CRM and ERP
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