Five reasons to become an interpreter

1, the opportunity to discover new knowledge

Language is the most important impact of all cultures. therefore, to be able to understand and use a language meaning you almost have discovered a new culture. When mastered a new language , an interpreter will have the opportunity to learn the various aspects of a country that he cares.

2 The opportunity to meet, work and learn from celebrities and successful

As an interpreter, you will have the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world and work in a great environment with celebrities and successful. If a diplomatic interpreter, you can even see remove the top people in the government or international organizations.

3 large employment opportunities

When the link is becoming mainstream, in all countries around the world and Vietnam is to promote cooperation by participating in many international organizations such as the UN, WTO, ASEAN, etc. Many companies, organizations and international agencies will participate in the Vietnam market and they always demand high quality interpreters. Exemption trend of globalization is common, the interpreter will find an easy job .

4, a high and stable income

The income level of the interpreter is relatively high compared to the average of the current location. however, it is also a career high and eliminate competition. During this period, foreign languages has become a major that many young people are trying to hone in their careers. competitiveness will help you continue to improve their skills and personal development.

5, plays an important role in the

In the discussion, the interpreter plays an important role and great responsibility, although he only really translated language. however, the sense of responsibility will determine the success or failure of the draft argument.

The disagreement over language easily lead to big problems. Even war can also be triggered by a misunderstanding of language. Especially with the diplomatic interpreter, the conference will bring meaningful cooperation between the parties. And the interpreter will act as a bridge of language, ideas, and help the flow of information between the participants to communicate seamlessly.

6, long-term and sustainable employment

As an interpreter, more experience you have, the more successful your business will be. trading career always brings exciting opportunities and advanced. With experience and vast knowledge, respected interpreters esteem and confidence in their work.

Interpreters can be a long career in many different ways. When they are older, but the translator can not travel more and participate in the meeting, you can specialize in a number of tasks such as , documents, movies, etc. Services for the media. translation also provide interpreters at the opportunity to learn many things.

However, as a professional interpreter requires constant nurturing. Additionally, it is a job that requires a lot of skill and knowledge and challenge is not easy at all.

Michael Doan – Thai Translation Marketing Manager


Five reasons to become an interpreter
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