Happy International Translation Day

International Translation Day has been annually celebrated on 30th September in many countries worldwide since 1953. This is not only the occasion to honor translators and interpreters, who silently act as a bridge of knowledge and culture, contributing to the creation of borderless civilizations. More importantly, this is the opportunity whereby we review the role of translation profession in this period of globalization.

30th September has become a special anniversary to the team of translators, editors and freelancers of CNN – Thai Translation since foundation. Over the past 10 years, our staffs have been the most essential factor contributing to the success of the company in particular and that of all customers in general. Not only devoting their best to produce accurate translations, these artists have been using their words and creativity to bring totally different cultures closer, so that Vietnamese audience can access the leading intellectual products.


Happy international translation day 2015 – Thai Translation Global

This year International Translation Day celebration of CNN – Thai Translation was held formally but yet intimately with the participation of translators and interpreters, quality control experts of QC Department, Collaborator Management Department. We were also pleased to welcome many guests who are of the biggest names in the current translation industry of Vietnam.

The Company’s Board of Directors, representatives of departments and guests delivered some sharing about the strong points and those not yet perfect of the translation industry. Mr. Ly Duc Trung, Deputy Director General of the National Translation Centre stated an opinion worth pondering: “A good translator must be firstly excellent in their native language”. He also analyzed the difference between translation and interpretation which was concluded after many years of working at such an important position.

Happy International Translation Day   Happy International Translation Day

“Translation is not an industry of individuality. Translation companies may be rivals but more likely partners. We all have the same mission which is to boost the development of Vietnamese translation industry, providing customers with the best services.” – said Ms. Duong My Binh, Director of Viet Lao Company, Vice Chairman of Vietnamese Translation Club.

Translation and interpretation has increasingly played an important role in all cultural, economic and political – social activities in the context of global integration as well as actively supports enterprises in seeking potential markets around the world. Each translation is not only a message sent from an individual or enterprise to the audience but rather a desire to approach and integrate into the culture of each country.

In the celebration of International Translation Day, CNN – Thai Translation would like to send the best wishes to all translators, interpreters and those who work in the field of language. We do hope to continue our partnership in the mission of bringing people closer together, bringing knowledge beyond the boundary of language and geography.

Happy International Translation Day
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