Work as a professional interpreter

Today Vietnam is developing and expanding its international relations. foreign language demand is increasing and the number of people with foreign language skills were significantly increased by the interest and investment of the State, agencies, businesses and individuals in foreign language teaching and learning, as well as study abroad. Clearly, the current translation needs are growing strongly. however, to find a job in a dynamic environment and professional, such as a translation, employees need to equip yourself with the expertise and professional ethics.

Those who work in the field of translation are required to have a wide range of knowledge: language, culture, or background knowledge of general and specialized knowledge. they need to be fluent, have a rich vocabulary and understand the language problems in both languages, and the similarities and differences between the two languages not only in grammar but also semantic and pragmatic. This job requires patience, careful every single word, and especially not for personal feelings interfere with the story.

The comments, additions or expression of personal attitudes in explaining the mistakes that lead to serious consequences. therefore, employers will be quite difficult to choose for your employees this position. understanding associated with cultural knowledge about the country, people, lifestyle, habits, customs and practices of bilingual communities. contrast, cultural knowledge must be based on reviews encyclopedic knowledge firmly and constantly updated. Finally, each key has its specialized terminology, personal expression and style. Translators are needed to understand at least their inner meaning , though not as deep as an expert.

Knowledge is the key that opens many doors of information, not only as a professor interpreter. however, the interpreter always “soft” information. translation often under pressure from many sides: the level of pressure and stress of services at the same time (both listening and translation), the pressure of simultaneous interpretation, the pressure of new knowledge and information, etc.

Maximum pressure that you have to translate everything correctly and like what they say or write (even if they are meant to be ambiguous) to perform a service glamorous, attractive and understandable. however, the pressure of the translation will help you become more assertive in life. This is the largest frequency of success. community As part of an interpreter, you should always take advantage of every opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge. Besides the necessary skills and knowledge will help interpreter interpreter instructions work best when no longer guaranteed to be regular.

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Work as a professional interpreter
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