• AATI

    Association of Asian Translation Industry

    AATI – Association of Asian Translation Industry – A group of translation companies in Asia, which help enterprises to reach Asian markets as well as the world market. AATI assists translation services providers in finding jobs and recruiting freelancers for language services like translation, interpretation, voice-over, localization, globalization…

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  • CNN

    CNN Professional Translation Company

    CNN Professional Translation Company supplies translation, interpretation, transcription and voice-over services for over 35 languages in 58 different fields from popular languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc to rarely used languages in Vietnam such as Arabic, Polish, Philander, Thai, Hungarian, Rumanian, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Latin, Swedish, Myanmar’s language, Danish, Laotian, Cambodian, Khmer, Indonesian, Philippine, Brunei’s language, Iranian, Dutch, etc…

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  • SDL Trados

    SDL Trados

    SDL Trados is a computer assisted translation software suite, originally developed by the German company Trados GmbH and currently available from SDL International, a provider of translation management software, content management and language services. It provides translation memory and terminology management.

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    LAWPRO, formerly, was a Joint Stock Company established in 2007 under the Law on Enterprises of Vietnam specialized in the fields of corporate governance and investment consultancy with the principle of winning the clients’ trust to foster its brand: LAWPRO – Trust Creates Value. In 2009, LAWPRO was substantially converted into a Limited Liability Law Firm under the Law on Lawyers and expanded the scope of legal services.

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  • Thanhs

    Thanhs is a Branding & Marketing company, handling marketing communications and brand development strategy for various companies in the financial, fashion, construction and education industries. Working closely with clients, they develop fresh ideas for customized branding solutions.

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  • Brain Works

    Officially granting its business license in 2006, Brainworks Asia Vietnam has 100% investment capital coming from Brainworks JSC. Services provided by the company can be named business promotion, PR supporting, HR training, management consulting, information service and research and advisory. Its target clients are Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises who want to develop their business. By applying know how in managing enterprises, Brainworks Asia Vietnam has carried out many activities to assisttheir clients.

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