Media and Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment is one of the industries with the fastest growing rate. Thai Translation is called upon for subtitles, voiceovers, dubbing, transcriptions, and on-site interpretations from the originating source language into all the relevant languages and dialects.

There is an art to translations for the Media & Entertainment industry. Subtitling a feature film or localizing a video game requires not only precision, but also the ability to creatively adapt, paraphrase, and localize content for your target audience. A phrase that is funny in English may be offensive in another language. Translation is the skill that bonds individuals, organizations, and corporations through the sharing of information and ideas.


Fully cognizant of this, Thai Translation selects talented translators and localization consultants who not only speak the language — but also were born to the culture. Our language consultants are fluent in the local dialect, culturally relevant idioms, and the latest slang in the target countries. Our specialists know which cultural references and expressions will entertain, and which will fall flat. Multiple rounds of editing and proofing guarantee that the substance and style of the spoken word isn’t lost in the translation.

Thai Translation provides broadcast quality subtitles and voiceovers for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVDs, and webcasts. We create culturally relevant marketing materials and advertisements, and translate and localize web content for leading news, business, sports, and entertainment websites.


How to work with us:

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