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The German language is counted among the world’s major languages which makes it highly promising in terms of business, for German language translators. It is distinguished as the most widely spoken mother language in the European Union. Globally there are about 105 million native German speakers, add to that another 80 million non-native speakers. It comes right after English and French among the most taught languages of the world. These figures prove the importance of German.

Germany has a great business potential and people from all over the world who are looking forward to expanding their businesses would love to do so in Germany. However the first step to ensure success in business in a foreign country is to get all your important documents translated to German. These documents would include all the required legal documents and publicity materials among others. If your business has a website, it would be preferable to get the contents translated into German as well, because the Internet is a highly effective way of promoting any business.

English to German translation services are quite easily available everywhere. However, before you get the service of an individual English to German or German to English translator, or of a language translation agency, you should be aware of the following facts related to the language as well as translation services. The knowledge would help you get the best service for your translation job in terms of quality as well as cost.

Unlike most other languages, Standard German never originated as a traditional dialect from any region. It began as a written language. However, over time Standard German replaced traditional regional dialects at certain places, like North Germany.

Translating into Standard German becomes complicated as it has regional variations. Instances of differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, orthography and even grammar are quite common between the Standard German used in different German speaking countries.

If you are aiming for a region specific English to German translation then you should be aware of the fact that they can be quite distinct to each other, and it is quite common to find a seamless mixture of dialectical and standard varieties of German. The variations can be so distinct that only speakers of neighboring dialects can understand each other easily.

The German script uses the Latin alphabet. However apart from the standard 26 letters it also has three vowels with Umlaut and Scharfess or Eszett.

German is a complex language; typically it involves long sentences which are convoluted as well. It has also has unique grammatical characteristics. In a practical sense, if you get a sentence written in English translated to German word for word, you would most likely end up with a sentence with the opposite meaning.

Keeping the above in mind, any English to German translation job should never be done with the help of a software and one should also avoid giving such a project to an inexperienced translator. In order to ensure a good bargain, you should check out several language translation agencies both online and offline, and ask them for translation quotes. These quotes would give you a fair idea of what to expect from a translation services provider.

We at Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services have made the process of locating the best German language translator as easy as possible. You will be able to know our language translation rates in a matter of seconds! All you have to do is input the original and targeted language in the top menu and our system will provide you a detailed cost breakdown for work done by the best German language translator for your job.

At Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services we have several German translation jobs underway at any given point of time. You can check out our language translation quotes for many language pairs by selecting the desired language pair from the top menu and you would get a detailed rate for your language translation project.

Professional German Translation Service
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