Mandarin to English YouTube video translation

Video translation is on track to be one of the key translation trends of 2017. The reach of YouTube has never been greater – 3.25 billion hours of video are watched on it each month. It’s no wonder, then, that businesses around the world are racing to tap into the site’s social marketing potential.
This was precisely what a recent Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services client had in mind when she asked us to transcribe and translate her YouTube video from Mandarin to English. She had recorded the video in China and now wanted to use professional translation to expand its potential reach to include English-speaking audiences.
The client was looking for a transcription service as well as a translation. She wanted a written copy of what was said on the video for future use. As such, our top Mandarin translator transcribed the video content before translating it.
Audio transcription is a useful service for many of those using video to promote their businesses. If the original video is not scripted, then the company doesn’t have a written copy of what is said. A transcription taken as part of the translation process means that the company can easily reference and reproduce quotes from the video. It also means that they have a written version of the content to hand, should they wish to translate it into further languages at a later time.
This client was delighted with the speed and efficiency of the Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services transcription and translation service. She was excited about launching her English-language campaign and our speedy, professional translation service meant that she lost no time in doing so.
Whether you have written copy or video files, let Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services take care of your translation needs. We have 5,000 professional translators based around the world, so whatever you need translated, we have the linguistic skills to do it! Contact us today for more information.

Mandarin to English YouTube video translation
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