German Translation Services in Bankok Thailand

Professional German Translation Service in Bangkok Thailand

Around 95 million people in the world speak German as their first language, and it is the most widely spoken foreign language spoken in the European Union. Germany is home to over 80,000,000 people, and thanks to its population, strong economy and consumer base, it’s an excellent candidate for business opportunities.
We can provide translation from English to German, German to English, and German into over 100 other languages.

With 95 million speakers worldwide and millions more who speak German as a second or foreign language, English to German translations can significantly broaden your reach.  Thailand Translation offers professional German translation services to help bring your business to a new audience.
A Few Facts about the German Language:
German is an official language in six countries – Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.
German is one of the official languages of the European Union and is the country with the highest population and largest economy.
As one of the top 3 foreign languages currently being taught in US schools and the European Union, among others, German has a reach that spans all continents.
German is a top ten language for world Internet usage, creating a broad base of internet users. Though even Standard German differs between German-speaking countries in vocabulary and certain aspects of pronunciation and even grammar.
The Advantages of Thailand Translation
Many unique varieties and dialects of German exist in Europe and other parts of the world. Even though the regional varieties of standard German are only somewhat influenced by the local dialects, they are very distinct. Our interpreters and German language translation professionals are adept at tailoring speech to these nuances.
German is a pluricentric or polycentric language, a language with several standard versions. Even though, multi-media materials along with written and printed German translations are most often produced in Standard German, a German translation service like Thailand Translation may is well advised for businesses looking to reach a specific audience. 
Also, conversational standard German varies widely from the formal written language, especially in syntax and grammar. These nuances make it complex to translate German appropriately, and as professional service we are sensitive acknowledging and accommodating these slight differences.
Our impressive roster of quality, in-country German translators specialize in helping clients discern the most appropriate dialect and style for their target market and message.
At Thailand Translation, we understand the importance of the German language in schools, on the Internet and in technology, research and development. Whether we’re translating English to German or German to English, we will ensure your content is translated accurately and efficiently every time.

German Translation Services in Bankok Thailand
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