In the industrialisation and modernisation process, the purchasing of additional machinery as well as the upgrading of equipment for automobile production have become essential for every business working in the automobile industry in order to meet the customer’s demand and the business’ expansion. Automotive translation has its unique set of requirements. Only one piece of… Chi tiết »

Publishing house

Publishing house plays an important role in publishing research works, case studies, review articles, short communications in almost field in the society, including Life Sciences. Science publishing covers diverse sectors such as General Science, Science, and Technology, Environment, Health, Energy, and Power. They consist of a large of information and knowledge for participants working and… Chi tiết »

German Translation Services in Bankok Thailand

Professional German Translation Service in Bangkok Thailand Around 95 million people in the world speak German as their first language, and it is the most widely spoken foreign language spoken in the European Union. Germany is home to over 80,000,000 people, and thanks to its population, strong economy and consumer base, it’s an excellent candidate… Chi tiết »

Mandarin to English YouTube video translation

Video translation is on track to be one of the key translation trends of 2017. The reach of YouTube has never been greater – 3.25 billion hours of video are watched on it each month. It’s no wonder, then, that businesses around the world are racing to tap into the site’s social marketing potential. This… Chi tiết »

Chinese to English email translation in Bangkok

A new client recently asked Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services to translate a series of corporate emails from Chinese to English in an ongoing project. His business was developing a new partnership with a company in China and, while the top-level conversation had been conducted in English, some of the more detailed information in the… Chi tiết »

Urgent English to Chinese business letter translation

A new client approached Thailand Translation and Interpretation Services last week with an extremely urgent business letter translation request. The letter had been written in English but was to a Chinese contact and so had to be translated. The person sending the letter only had a two hour window for the translation, so their need… Chi tiết »

English to Mandarin app translation

English (Thai) to Mandarin (Thai) app translation App translation is one of the fastest-growing areas of translation. According to Statista, more than 224,800 mobile apps will be downloaded worldwide in 2017. As the number of apps increases, so too do the number of translation requests from developers looking to market their app in more than… Chi tiết »

An accurate, Chinese booklet translation

Many of our clients rely on giving out booklets to potential customers at various events, such as industry trade shows. Unlike lengthier documents, booklets generally try to fit a lot information about a company or product into somewhat limited space. Thus, it’s important to produce a concise translation.  For example, we were contacted by a… Chi tiết »

Professional Chinese translation services

English to Chinese translation services have assumed significant business potential with the flourishing economy of China. In the recent few years, the number of foreign companies setting up businesses in China has kept increasing steadily. A significant number of these companies require English to Chinese translation services. This article will try to provide insight into… Chi tiết »

Professional German Translation Service

The German language is counted among the world’s major languages which makes it highly promising in terms of business, for German language translators. It is distinguished as the most widely spoken mother language in the European Union. Globally there are about 105 million native German speakers, add to that another 80 million non-native speakers. It… Chi tiết »